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Job Description

job Description :

The Project Coordinator has a leading role in the team essentially moving forward the product finalization, market feedback, and liaises between the team members ensuring the most efficient way to market.

What we do
RateOpt is a cutting edge technology start up that offers unique services to small and large hotel owners. The range of services includes real time price monitoring per room type per region, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for predicting the best price per date per room type, automated concierge, voice recognition and sentiment analysis, […]

About RateOpt Management Consulting

RateOpt is an automated price optimization tool based on online pricing. The platform informs the subscribed hotel owners of changes in prices of their competition per room per night and suggests the best price in order to maximize revenues both in a tactical responsive way and a forward looking way through advanced predictive analytics encompassing local events, airline ticket pricing, completion rates, macroeconomic data and local newsfeed. This applies to both small hotels and large Groups with sophisticated pricing teams. In addition, RateOpt is now expanding to other industries like Food and Beverage, Car Rentals, etc.
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